It’s not a dad bod it’s a father figure shirt

It’s not a dad bod it’s a father figure shirt



Lisa Shaftel my opinion that churches should pay taxes like any other business is my opinion whether you like it or not. Move on if that offends you and sell your hocus pocus to someone that cares. Here’s the thing about social media; if you post a comment, someone may respond. I don’t disagree that churches should be taxed. I never told you I disagreed. I’ve repeatedly pointed out to you that’s not what the It’s not a dad bod it’s a father figure shirt is about. What an ass you are. Move on. Separation of church and state-The The government needs to stay out of “religious” beliefs versus civil rights. As a business person, if you feel the need to limit your service then post those limits right up front in a legible form on your store (brick or web). No notice, no limits. I can kind of understand that belief system, but if you are a public company, how can you seriously do that? You could ban people with red hair. So, your business next door bans LGBTQ, the next business bans Hispanics, the next business bans people of color. Where do we stop? Personally, I would ban clowns, and people that wear glasses. I don’t trust either group. Try to read the article. Try. The article isn’t about churches, and it’s not about taxes. The article is about civil rights laws, and allowing businesses to freely discriminate [against LGBTQ people] if the business owners or employees believe they are acting on their [Christian] religious beliefs. Business owners do pay taxes, and employees do pay income taxes. That’s not the issue. I’m not Christian. Back the hell off. I’m taking issue with your irrelevant comment because you didn’t read the article. I’m not defending people who discriminate because of their religious beliefs.


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