It’s like watergate but with morgons shirt

It’s like watergate but with morgons shirt



That’s exactly why they put it in the budget bill, to try and extort people into supporting the continued decline of what few rights we have left. The budget bill by no means requires an It’s like watergate but with morgons shirt of the so-called Patriot Act, and thus the extension could easily be removed from it if our misrepresentative felt the backlash from passing it would threaten their power and privilege. Simply put, with a literal fascist still in the White House, now, in particular, is not the moment to meekly submit to such authoritarian extortion schemes. That one dude laugh-reacts at any comment on the ACLU page that is just or decent. The fact that he’ll laugh at a Marine vet supporting the freedom to not be murdered, should tell you everything. He’s a known troll. Diane Vogel Ferri oh Diane, I am so deeply sorry that Tamir will not be graduating with his class. could you campaign for him to get an honorary high school diploma? that would be national news and he deserves it! This is a case I find to be horrifying. This 12 years old was shot immediately by a poorly suited and untrained officer who drove his police car right up to this child and shot him. If he had followed common sense and protocol he would park a safe distance away and call for backup. The video is available for anyone to see on the internet. Jeanne Nutlouis Larry Olsen looks to be a cop or at least a cop fanatic. What a creep. A good example of a douchebag condoning police brutality. If you care about fallen veterans, why don’t you care about an innocent kid that was cruelly murdered? Holly Thompson the proper procedure everywhere is to tell them to drop the gun unless immediately threatened ( pointed at). While I normally support police I don’t see how anyone could justify this. My heart breaks for his parents, family, friends, and community.


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