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Stop hand-wringing. Refer Trump and Pence to the World Court for crimes against humanity. Separation at borders violates International Law.You are obstructing justice, and hopefully the DOJ puts you in jail. You’re also putting Americans and our children in danger. The ACLU is a communist hate group.Republicans, as a rule, have showcased an utter lack of regard for facts, ethics and even law. Letting them vote is a clear and present danger to American democracy and to the American people. Themselves included. In short, they’re too incompetent to vote.OK now we now know how to avoid arrest to live here illegally. Have you thought about relaying the It’s in the syllabus shirt how they could go about entering and staying and becoming a citizen the proper way. Is the ACLU in business to teach people to escape the laws or to side swipe them? ACLU, lets start teaching honest, hardworking, natural born Americans how to get their rights. I’m sure you could get as much publicity helping honest people as illegal immigrants. You think it’s easy for the American citizens having to work hard just to have more taxes taken out to take care of the the nonworking for free health care, free housing, free,free, free. But not for me, nothing is free. In fact I want the ACLU to investigate the ACLU. I want to know why it’s ok for Americans to work hard to pay taxes all our lives and then have to support the nonworking FREEloader. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Accuctally helping people that deserve it.


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