Irish Flamingo shirt

Irish Flamingo shirt



What exactly IS the minimum acceptable amount of people who are attacked, in your mind? I mean if inconsequential as your ill-fitting footwear, that’s at least a number greater than zero. Do enlighten us. You must live in a thimble, get out much at all. The trans are much larger than you might imagine. And there’s a whole group of people that are attracted to them. Now shut the fuck up and quit whining about your guns! It’s pathetic and immature. Settle down little one, nobody wants to touch your precious little killers. They’ll be fine. Now run along now and play! You wasted precious playtime with your post. It’s fucking pathetic and retarded. Dow Schaffter, you sound like a very angry individual. While guns were included, I did mention a few other rights in there, that you missed. Also, I mentioned the difference in the number of people affected. Not really anything hateful there. Aw, the poor big man baby and his overcompensation device that kills tens of thousands every year are under siege. Thoughts and prayers… Imagine being so sad as a human that you put any kind of value on a weapon. The USA is a republic. In a republic, everyone has the same rights regardless of how small of a minority they might belong to or associated. Identity politics is irrelevant to the Irish Flamingo shirt. I am both a republican and a Republican. I support the freedom and liberty of everyone including transgender people. Evangelina Artman No. I’m not reinforcing any lies. I expect my identity to be respected just as you expect yours to be. But it appears because you were born male, you believe you are entitled to redefine mine. Lisa Marie Wilson, I am fully aware of male privilege. I was asking which parts of it I had. So what entails male and female socialization? Are you saying all women have the same experiences? If so, which ones? Also, at what point did I try redefining your identity?


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