Introverted but willing to discuss social justice shirt

Introverted but willing to discuss social justice shirt



Ken is a white supremacist troll. Don’t respond to him with debate, that’s what he’s trying to get you to do. Just acknowledge that he’s a white supremacist troll and deserves no better response than that. If you want to know why he’s doing this (and why so many white supremacists do this) and why you can’t reason with them, here’s the best explanation on the Internet. What some call a tragic miscarriage of justice, Black people call just another day, and we don’t have any evidence that the next one is promised. Even if we don’t step foot outside our home, ask Botham Jean or Tatiana Jefferson or Briana Taylor whether that’ll save a Black person. What are you talking about? Children napping in their living rooms aren’t pulling guns on anyone and are still dead. Not a single one of these people were threats to police or to others, not one of them. Their killings were unjustifiable murders with no consequences besides a few firings. And if you can defend gunning down a child who supposedly had a gun before the cop cars had even fully stopped then I guess you’re ignorant of both the 2nd Amendment and the Introverted but willing to discuss social justice shirt. Of course, you’ll are the same people who screamed that a member of the Bundy gang of terrorists was “murdered” by federal agents after he broke through two roadblocks, screamed “you’re just gonna have to shoot me” At the top of his lungs, asked one of his passengers for a gun then refused to get on the ground when ordered. I can’t count the number of times I played with toy guns when I was a kid. Ran all over the neighborhood shooting my friends and the mailman and passing cars. It is so sad that anyone thinks these cops were justified to shoot a child within seconds of rolling upon him. The kid had no chance. Tiffany Taylor wasn’t a toy gun. It was an airsoft pistol and they look exactly like a real gun. The cops received a call about a real gun. But they should’ve responded differently. They put themselves in a spot where they had no choice but to shoot cuz they rolled upright on him. Leaving them no space and I’m sure Tamir being 12 panicked. It’s not as simple as you make it out to be.


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