In a world where you can be anything Be kind shirt



We have democracy’s monster on our hands: a loose cannon on the deck that the hallowed “Founding Fathers” never thought possible. They didn’t think that so base an individual could rise to power. They had undeserved confidence in the human nature of the populist. The people involved with the whistleblower complaint are true patriots. And seems there are many who can not sit by and watch this country going down the tubes. They may want our country to go back to being thought wonderful. Not this Hell we’ve seen the last three years. A whistleblower is a true patriot to our country. Moscow trump needs to button up and go for the ride. The whistleblower needs to be protected and anyone who threatens this person needs to be prosecuted. Richard R Sanborn, He wasn’t searching for this info. People in the situation In a world where you can be anything Be kind shirt brought the info to him. He did the right thing and reported it. Why would you want him to do otherwise? Richard R Sanborn 1. Reporting on unethical or illegal behavior does not invalidate the crime or breech of public trust that was committed. 2. Do you have any actual evidence that it was a CIA plant or are you just grasping at straws? 3. You’d think if the CIA put a plant in place, the report would have said: “I witnessed this shit with my own two eyes” and not relate that he came by it through multiple sources, would they not? He appears crazy but he is good at following the extremist right-wing game plan very well. Do not underestimate his capacity for venality and dangerous behavior.


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