In a world full of princesses be a Maleficent shirt

In a world full of princesses be a Maleficent shirt



Adele Moore ok so your telling me that we can organize a protest to other peoples standards remember the walk on Selma where blacks were beating just for walking and protesting now it’s bad to kneel and not say a word and they get no job and get criticized for promoting equality come on if it does fit your views then it’s wrong. Randall Jennings exactly! Is this Russia? The orange sphincter wants this to be Russia but we live in America where we don’t have to stand if we choose not to stand. The orange sphincter so wants to be Putin! A wannabe dictator/autocrat! Alejandro Amorós so you’re so smart. Educate us. Oh yes, he’s protesting blacks that have their own colleges, their own TV channels and all the rest of the things we need to provide. Get over yourself and you learn. Zuri Williams Assumption is the lowest form of knowledge. Not a waitress but I was when younger and nothing wrong with that. You’ve just insulted waitresses everywhere and revealed your disdain for average working people in any field. To whom much is given much is expected. Athletes should be held accountable. So you applaud him for standing up for his beliefs when his beliefs are that you either stand for what I believe or you don’t play. But players are not allowed to stand up (kneel) for what they believe in. Wow, that is the epitome of hypocrisy and a complete perversion of freedom of speech. Why should anyone “have to stand”? It’s called FREEDOM. Do you want to stand with your hand over your heart? Do it! You want to kneel or sit, do it! Why is this even an issue when we have hundreds of thousands of homeless veterans. Michael Divisive rhetoric is coming from the vile hateful Democrats and their groveling media haters, not this president. He is just fighting back against the hate. This guy can just shut up. Go away. Trump invites the whole team, it’s the players who choose to be divisive! HELLO! Missed once in a lifetime opportunity! His loss totally. I wouldn’t care if Hitlery was President it’s the honor and history of the In a world full of princesses be a Maleficent shirt, not its politics I would focus on!


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