In a world full of Kaepernicks be a Mahomes shirt

In a world full of Kaepernicks be a Mahomes shirt



Except for the right to have a business run on Christian principles and make straight chicken sandwiches or straight birthday cakes. Civil means that it’s about being a In a world full of Kaepernicks be a Mahomes shirt by law and government as a civic duty to obey the law or vote is for citizen’s equal rights without discrimination; the civil rights act 1964 and the 1991 expansion. It forgets the natural human rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all mankind that civil rights are to be pursuant to only for citizens so the rights acts shouldn’t be needed if the natural rights are respected. Human rights in natural law are for everyone as in all are created equal. These rights are for all and are not civic rights but, all have equal justice and protection under the law under natural human rights the bill of rights protects. That is the difference so yes rights for all but civil rights no that is for citizens. That is how the terms are confused to fit the cons agenda to circumvent your natural rights. If someone had thought that at my job, I could have been fired. I work in a public school and our neighbor was a heavy pot smoker. It wafted through our walls and everything we wore smelled of pot—hence the reason we moved. I was thinking of buying him some better quality stuff so it wasn’t so awful. It took a few weeks in our new home and washing everything to remove the smell. My employer never said a word. Not even a drug test—oh, right, I’m white. Our district only tests employees if there is a hint of dereliction of duty—otherwise, the union will be all over them. Kids should be given the same respect. Tripper high school teacher here. I can attest that if someone smokes cheap weed, you can smell it for a while. Drop by my 5th period for a prime example.


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