In a world full of grinches be a Cindy Lou Who shirt

In a world full of grinches be a Cindy Lou Who shirt



Heather Koranteng I agree we need to be more aggressive about child support, but taking their license means they can’t make money, which means they can’t pay child support. Instead of close the loopholes that allow people to escape payment. Timothy Thomas if they got to that point, they weren’t paying anyway. It isn’t just one or two missed payments that cause a suspension of license. We’re talking years here. Years of not honoring the obligation to help provide for a human they created, and instead shifting the burden to taxpayers and another parent. Almost every person knows at least one person who doesn’t even try to meet their cs obligations. Hell, some of them intentionally work under the In a world full of grinches be a Cindy Lou Who shirt so that they have no official income to garnish. That’s not at all the same sort of thing that this article is discussing. Heather Koranteng I have no clue how long it takes honestly, and I’ve seen them use lots of really nasty tricks to not pay. I think half the people using injured spouse for taxes are doing so to avoid paying for their kids. And so many people work under the table but taking their livelihood doesn’t get the kid any money. It’s not sympathy for them. Heather Koranteng no you’re wrong on that! Agreed to pay on back child support with judge. Then demand full arrears or lose license. They broke the agreement we had deliberately. No lady I have no sympathy for trash who deliberately lie in court nor a judge that ignores evidence and lies to collaborate more lies. All because the spouse wanted”attention”. No no sympathy for government gutter trash and their cohorts! Heather Koranteng no not a discount. An agreement was made and they should stick to it. Just a demand full amount of arrears when payment plan was already in play is ridiculous! The government broke the agreement. Can’t pay if you can’t work.


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