In a world full of grandmas be a gigi shirt



That’s right and we won’t come out if they’re not going to pay taxes and come in the right way I don’t need to be here they need to go and what I can’t figure out they’re bringing them over here to vote two workings for nothing and they’re never going to get ahead and they’re going to be stuck in the same rut because the government’s going to keep him there biotin and all the rest of them can go over there and drill the heck out of oil Mike do illegal things do all kinds of stuff and putting us under sanctions telling us that we can’t even drive her car to work anymore because of global warming but I can go over I guess it’s different you know we are not all under the global system that’s different world over there I guess so it doesn’t matter what they do over there how’s the money is going in their pockets they’re getting rich rich rich rich. Nancy Favez Hairston, I hope when 2020 comes around you’ll change your mind in voting for Trump. He for legal immigration, not illegals. Illegals have taken so much taxpayer’s money, Social Security numbers, child rapes and etc. Trump improving this country for the better. Hopefully, you’ll do a lot of research to understand why millions are voting for Trump. Democrats want to destroy this wonderful country of ours. Democrats want one ruling In a world full of grandmas be a gigi shirt and we can’t allowed that to happen. First, use the right words. An immigrant is someone who goes through the legal process to become a citizen. An alien is a citizen of a foreign country who temporarily visits your land. If a person has a legal reason, not a right, to be on sovereign soil then they are ‘legal’. Otherwise, as in any other country, they are subject to forcible removal. How hard is this to understand – has no one traveled outside the US?


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