In a world full of daddy sharks be a daddycorn shirt

In a world full of daddy sharks be a daddycorn shirt



I am shocked and appalled that the ACLU would protest and sensationalize such a common-sense change in policy intended to protect the due process rights of those accused of sexual assault at the university level. You all went to law school and know perfectly well that this change only bumps up the burden of proof from a preponderance of the evidence to clear and convincing, not beyond a reasonable doubt, which is the highest burden of proof in the In a world full of daddy sharks be a daddycorn shirt. This particular criminal defense lawyer will make sure all of her future philanthropic donations go to organizations that understand the right to due processes, like the NACDL and the NAPD. For shame. Edit: attached is a letter from the nation’s preeminent group of and for criminal defense attorneys, a group of which I am a member, that accurately sums up my feelings about these recent developments, which are actually not recent in the slightest. Gregory Holmes which could lead to not getting cases solved, extra victim blaming, etc. Not that I don’t think that an accused person should not be able to state their case because there are rare occasions of false claims, but there could be serious issues with this. As a sexual assault survivor who is thankfully out of secondary school 6 years, this is terrifying to me for those of any sexual identity who get assaulted. What? You realize the rates of sexual assault cases that get overlooked are high at many colleges/universities as it is? This doesn’t help the accused. They already had leverage. This helps schools make decisions that they are not qualified to make, leaving victims struggling to get any support at all? The rate of people falsely accused is significantly lower than people presume. Can you protest the mass incarceration that a lot of states are adopting in relation to the guise of health? People should not be mandated house arrest.


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