I’m too young for a mask shirt

I’m too young for a mask shirt



Whitney Clarke not at this level. I guess we fight without the ACLU, they will continue to force this country to take in more people while under the threat of the possibility of the worst recession of this nation’s history because of the abuse of power of the I’m too young for a mask shirt on all levels. Asylum seeking is the channel. And you just made my point. People are discouraged from travel, but you don’t have a choice when fleeing for your life. I can barely believe you figured out how to type legibly considering the ridiculous ideas you seem to have. It’s not ridiculous to think people can’t and won’t exploit that. It’s just a loophole put forward because of the laws of our country matter. Mass, unorganized immigration into a modern nation-state isn’t tenable in multiple ways. Btw, I’m against the detention centers very much. If it were up to me, they all should become citizens, but we shouldn’t let our immigration laws and procedures be overlooked any longer. Well we all live in America and we all have our own opinion this is the time that we should be wishing everyone well and lifting them up in prayer but it seems to be a time more so than ever the people just want a dog to belittle and put each other down and that gets no one anywhere what works for one doesn’t work for another it’s called respect and I see very little of it in this world any more people don’t have to agree but as adults, you’re supposed to respect other people’s opinions and decisions. Are you referring to the useless and expensive border wall or the fact that immigration was already down before that tool got into office? First to begin with the DT regime can’t handle the pandemic here in the US. I doubt that it is equipped to handle and check everyone for the virus at the border when DT is failing miserably at providing the states with the necessary tool to fight this battle at home. So on this, I Have to say, that It’s not that I am against immigrants coming in at the border, I am against Covid-19 coming in with them. Hey, Mèxico is having a problem with controlling the virus there and I don’t think the US is prepared to handle any Mexican coming into the US infected. Why escalate this issue at the border when there are 89,439 dead at home. Let’s table this until better days are here. To me, this is a no brainer.


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