I’m the elephant in the room shirt

I’m the elephant in the room shirt



The government is clearly invested in the current panic. It would be complete political suicide to admit they were wrong, their projections were wrong, the lockdown was never justified. They would never do that. No conspiracy needed. It’s just self-interest and self-preservation. I’m not the one instantly resorting to insults, Al. But it makes sense that someone who speaks like a child has the understanding of a child. Have a good one, bud. Best of luck with your conspiracy theories. William Marone People with real diseases, like cancer, are not getting the treatment they need. It’s been suspended because of the “lockdown” (a prison term). Do you know how many surgeries have been postponed? What do you think this is doing for people’s health or their lives? Not to mention the increase in domestic abuse, substance abuse, depression, suicide, etc. Why should staff have to learn a second language? You’re supposed to be able to speak English when you come here. If it were the opposite, they’d expect us to speak whatever language is used most in their I’m the elephant in the room shirt, or some derivative. In most businesses where a lot of the people they are interacting with speak a second language people are hired who speak that language. It is common courtesy and makes things go much easier for everyone. Your ancestors were not expected to magically acquire the ability to speak English the second the arrived at the border, and there are communities full of native-born Americans where English is still a second language. Get over it. It’s called learning it, and yes, they were expected to speak some English when they got here. At least my white ancestors. even my black ancestors were expected to learn English eventually, and they worked for free! So STFU and sit your ass down, ringworm.


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