I’m the chico in apartamento 512 shirt

I’m the chico in apartamento 512 shirt



They need to put up tents just like hospitals for the sick. They should not be let out. Do the crime, do the time. Pray the young man doesn’t commit crime’s like dad. Don’t be a number. You don’t know a single thing about this guy. Neither do I. But statistically, a huge number of people are in prison in the US for things like possession of weed, and they don’t deserve to drown in their own destroyed lung tissue because of it. Glenn Drawdy how about nonviolent drug offenders we could start there. On your second idiotic point, not everyone in care facilities has family, not every household is equipped to deal with the caretaking of people who require around the clock supervision or specialized equipment and treatment. Are you really such a shallow thinker you couldn’t figure this out on your own? Or are you simply another self-absorbed, entitled “conservative Christian” who lacks empathy and the capacity for critical thought? 100 years ago we were a much different society. Most households did not have two wage earners so there was someone home to take care of elderly parents. Many people he large extended families living in the same neighborhood so there was the support I’m the chico in apartamento 512 shirt in place. Those who required more professional medical care than their family could provide generally died quickly. Some people deserve to be separated from society because of the real danger and destruction they cause. Others are imprisoned for not paying their court fines, child support, substance abuse, and other petty shit. Prisons should only be used to incarcerate dangerous people, not irresponsible people. We already have a place for irresponsible people, where they can be paid a decent wage, yet still, be supported with our tax dollars. Washington, D.C.


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