I’m so tired of being my wife’s arm candy shirt

I’m so tired of being my wife’s arm candy shirt



Do you mean the research that shows that over half of women seeking abortions have been using birth control? The research that shows the United States has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the developed world? Or maybe the research – very clear here – that shows men like to talk about things they know absolutely nothing about, especially if it means they can tell women what to do? You are a liar, and anyone who knows fact from fiction can tell. Jason Kiker hey, when they force you to get the vaccine, ask them if it has MRC-5, aka aborted fetal cells or other forms of DNA. PP sends child rape victims back to their abusers and turns a blind eye to obvious cases of trafficking, just to keep getting those hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars. All so they can funnel it right back to the DNC. Check their donations if you don’t believe me. I’ve actually watched a doctor explain graphically the I’m so tired of being my wife’s arm candy shirt of abortion. A first-trimester abortion, as well as second trimester and “late-term” abortions. Listened to him talk about ripping the arms of the baby off. It’s you that knows shit about abortion dear. Bless your heart. If you truly do know, then you are heartless. Be the first in line for Gates vaccine, won’t have to worry about abortion after that. He takes the direct approach of sterilizing through his vaccines. No tin foil hat here, just wise to the bullshit and able to figure shit out on my own. I don’t need the TV to tell me whether I’m a good person or how to feel about something, unlike most y’all. There is NO medical necessity for late-term abortions, period. If it’s all medication, non-invasive as you’re making it out to be, then why do they need a building? Why not just distribute it at pharmacies? Shawnee Greenwood that’s your decision, but two things to consider – the six-week cluster of cells is “dead” so you aren’t really doing anything any damage and a lot of women miscarry near or before there and never know it anyway. Second, for pregnancies a lot farther along, sometimes their bodies don’t naturally force it out. In those cases, the women can end up septic and it’s a huge problem. It happens, and it’s necessary.


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