I’m not dead yet shirt

I’m not dead yet shirt



I’ll just keep repeating my last comment until you find the integrity to read it. The ACLU is advocating for compassionate release in our prisons too. Research more, lie less. If they have been convicted of a crime, they wouldn’t still be in detention. I’m sorry that you think to commit a civil offense warrants the death penalty. If they don’t let these people out, it will be pure unadulterated genocide. Fortunately, we’re not all sociopaths. This is confusing. Why would someone who is old or has a debilitating medical condition or illness be granted clemency? Why would murder be released for these I’m not dead yet shirt? This is not a battle worth fighting. Please pick more worthy causes. None of those are conditions upon which he grants pardons or clemency. What have they done for him personally? How much have they contributed to his campaign or spent at his businesses? Those are the conditions this criminal bases his compassion on. So you want to kick the old prisoners out into the streets where food is scarce and many would have nowhere to live at a time like this? And you have the nerve to call it “compassionate release?”. Not in any way saying he shouldn’t, simply wondering where they will get their health care from especially if you consider the way the GOP loves to cut funding to anything that helps the pore/underprivileged. I understand that and agree. But this mentions people who have medical concerns already. My concern is with the virus utilizing hospitals at capacity / will they be able to get the care they need once released? Reduce spread is still desirable when possible. Of course, things are not as easy as just saying the right or wrong thing in a given case is the same in another


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