I’m not a regular mom I’m a Posty mom shirt

I’m not a regular mom I’m a Posty mom shirt



Brooke Nance Duh, we need to make sure that people without vaginas who will never menstruate don’t spend too much of their income on playing make-believe-woman. People without vaginas spending too much on menstrual products is one of the biggest problems in this nation. Certainly one of the biggest ongoing civil rights abuses by far. Patrick Vicini Quit telling such blatantly transphobic lies. We are ONLY talking about those with uteruses, not those without. Wave your bigot flag somewhere else. You’ve already been proven wrong with credible sources. If you can’t refute them at least have the integrity to admit you lied. Thanks for proving us all right. How you gonna say I’m stupid af, and then say a spectrum concept created by humans is limited to two different parts? Also, Brooke, you’re pregnant, what are you talking about don’t bitch about a few extra cents a month? How much government subsides do you receive? I’m sure an extra $3 ain’t shit when you don’t actually have to pay for the housing, utilities, and food. You’re a straight stupid girl and I feel bad for your fatherless children you won’t stop bleeding. I’m not following you, quit lying. It’s bigoted to say that sex and gender are the same things when science says they are NOT. You’re erasing trans people. If you stop trolling the ACLU, I’ll stop commenting on your posts. You control your behavior and I control mine. Quit being such a whiner. Ok, so I think it is common sense these shouldn’t be taxed at all for anyone. It is sad that is a I’m not a regular mom I’m a Posty mom shirt for anyone who had a period they are miserable and sucks for all of us! I think one issue with shelters is also a donation/sponsorship issue. A lot of the women’s shelters where I was from got these donated because people were like oh, chicks live there they must need these. Is some of this not a straight up awareness issue? I was definitely not aware this was an issue. Do these shelters communicate?


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