I’m just an old lady was your first mistake

I’m just an old lady was your first mistake



This is such a complex issue. My problem with it is most sex workers are not like “independent contractors”, making their own business decisions and controlling when they work. A lot of them are “owned” by pimps and other people who control their lives, take their money, and that money usually feeds other criminal enterprises. Prostitution is sexual violence. ACLU is letting down women again. People who claim prostitution is “sex work” are hypocritical. We don’t have honest conversations about this. Siobhan Loughman but when it is pulled from out of the shadows and treated as any other service, provide legal protections and the same benefits as those other I’m just an old lady was your first mistake those dangers become much less common. As I said, take a look at New Zealand as an example of this. It can be dangerous if it’s not regulated. Women are abused more by keeping it illegal. It’s a shady business right now where men take advantage of women because everything is in the shadows. Bring it into the light, make it a legal job. A legal boss cant kills their employee for not working. A legal boss cannot keep the hard-earned money that a worker makes. Legal bosses cannot hire an underaged child who ran away from another state. Making sex work legal is pro-woman. Put simply, if we regulated sex work like any other work we would have fewer murders. We have more (enforced) benefits like breaks and sick pay. Women would be more empowered and more in control of their bodies. It is not any other service. It shouldn’t be treated that way. Inherent in prostitution is the inequality between men and women. Women in prostitution need to be assisted, but normalization is not positive.


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