I’m here to fuck someones wife shirt

I’m here to fuck someones wife shirt



Mike Penney Howard Zinn… not my idea of a good historian, but whatever floats your boat. My best professors lumped Zinn in with ‘the lies my history teacher told me’. We didn’t use him, there wasn’t much debate about it either. Getting 16 high school social studies departments (and all those teachers) to agree on The Book isn’t easy, but Zinn was out in the first round.
NOT trying to be snarky, caught the above comment on tone. Waving that bigot flag again, I see. The ACLU would like nothing more than to help the race issues and the violence that comes from being oppressed, but as lawyers, there is little they can do to help other than to sue the racist police and fight for prison reform and justice. I’m sure that isn’t what you meant though, is it? You gotta love when people talk about America’s long history of racial violence against minorities, and some idiot chimes in with the old “Oh yeah, well what about high rates of street crime that result from poverty created by centuries of racist oppression?” as though that isn’t reinforcing the point. Yes. Just like you were “army” I was an officer for 20 plus years. This country hates black people like me when we’re not wearing the I’m here to fuck someones wife shirt. But it’s all “thank you for your service” when I’m wearing it. I’ve been threatened and treated like s**t by cops at EVERY interaction with them. But please, tell it’s my imagination. Pulled over 4 times in one week for nothing. Does that happen to you? Nearly shot by an ST in Florida because he asked to see my driver’s license. Does that happen to you?


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