I’m fine my wife has an oil for this blood shirt

I’m fine my wife has an oil for this blood shirt



It would be a much simpler problem, but I don’t think it would remove the I’m fine my wife has an oil for this blood shirt entirely. Plenty of politicians would be doing their best to keep the national health insurance from covering things, whether there was any way they could achieve that or not. Nathan true, Ireland is one country with nationalized health insurance and very harsh abortion laws. Still, it is better to cover everyone than let bosses decide whether their employees should have health insurance. When you are in this country for whatever reason or whatever your status is you are under the protection of the constitution of this country and we are obligated to protect you and keep you safe and provide medical help if you need it. No, it’s and or buts. In their own countries where they have the right to be plain and simple. They got here they can find their way back and let their people and their government take care of them.they are not the taxpayer’s responsibility. Carmelo Echevarria Colon III “the last time you checked” is wrong. Immigrants, illegal or otherwise actually get a wide variety of rights in this country, protected by the Constitution. Heck, Republican Jesus Ronald Reagan was the one who passed the law that said it was illegal to deny medical care to illegal immigrants, and it was found to be Constitutional. Maybe you should actually look into something before you spout off ignorant nonsense. Richard Jackson even that is emphatically incorrect. Your average illegal alien who works is still paying taxes, and they do not have access to most of the social programs that citizens do. By and large, they cannot get assistance from Federal Welfare programs, and only a few states have them for undocumented workers. The framers wrote the Constitution the way they did for a reason. Especially when it comes to things like the Right to Due Process. But of course, your average Conservative who posts on ACLU do not do any research and seem to get their information through a meme.


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