I’m fat let’s party shirt

I’m fat let’s party shirt


So wrong, such evil, and such great sorrow and loss. When will humans be better? This is horrifying and my heart aches for this young man and his family. Please, please let there be some form of justice. Though nothing will bring him back or make up for it. You are one of the last hopes of progressive people in this country, please get involved and support the attorneys handling the case. If there is a way to publicly gather and allocate funding for the legal support team, I believe many would contribute. Tragedy doesn’t even begin to place it, they sat on that video for almost 2 months before it was released anonymously, and if not for that we would have had killers roaming free. Please make this matter, a lot of us are hoping your organization can make sure it does. No matter how bad the crime or how clear the evidence seems to bee all people deserve due process, which includes a grand jury for such a serious charge. Should this step have been taken sooner, I think we all can agree that it should have been. But, the reality is this is not a step that should or can be skipped. Georgia’s justice system didn’t detain, arrest, charge, or take the guns away from these guys at the time of the shooting in February….only now with this leaked video is anything being done about it. The absolute last thing I have any faith in is a former Confederate state justice system. I think it shows that cops, even veterans, often don’t have the necessary training and mindset. (Of course, many do. But it’s clear that many do not, and it’s a huge problem.) Also, I think it shows that cops and DAs are highly likely to protect their own, above all other concerns. And people of color bear the brunt of both of those problems. We have so much work to do as a society. No, he had the training and experience to know he would get away with it he had the I’m fat let’s party shirt and training that this is how they deal with black men in Georgia he’s a retired cop in Georgia he was trained to act exactly like this


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