I’m blunt because god rolled me that away shirt

I’m blunt because god rolled me that away shirt



This is a problem because the difficulty in getting an ID that matches one’s gender is quite high. If you show up at a polling place with an ID with a “gender marker” that doesn’t match, it’s easy to be turned away. If disenfranchisement like this doesn’t bother you, I think you’ve forgotten what liberty is. I thank the ACLU for remembering and defending. It’s not new. All my NY friends and I who all updated sex marker and voter registration 3-6 months before the 2016 primaries all had registrations come back assigning us to the wrong party less than a week before the primary, and were unable to vote. There were 6 of us that I knew of, from all over the state. You are a bit uninformed here aren’t ya? Not everyone has the money for a legal name change or they might not be able to do it in their area due to the requirement of posting it in two newspapers that many places have if their family is unsupportive and nearby. They might be afraid to do so in a conservative area with conservative judges. I’m sorry, but you don’t know shit about what it’s like as a transperson in this I’m blunt because god rolled me that away shirt. Amanda Mitchell, so? People often hate themselves, their own group, other groups, you being part of the community and hating it are not mutually exclusive. Lol ahhhh going to use the “privilege” card used. And of course the basic bigot claim. Lol, you are making excuses, trying to have a crutch to excuse your failures. That is both hate and fear. Easy to blame everything but you. If only people were more understanding or this that… Everything but changing yourself.


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