I’m a pastor don’t look so surprised shirt

I’m a pastor don’t look so surprised shirt



Robert Walker the state of Texas, as the largest school textbook purchaser in the nation dictates by and large what is put in textbooks for the entire nation. If Texas doesn’t want it in the book or want it presented in a certain way, that’s what happens. It is too expensive for textbook publishers to create different textbooks for each state. For the poo-poo’ers who will scream it’s not true…go look it up. I found this out from a textbook publisher during my work on a textbook adoption committee for history books in Florida. We were not happy with certain events, required teaching for Florida standards, completely missing from the book. Christine Brannon-Miles It is delightful (to me) how many school districts have adopted Howard Zinn’s Peoples History of the United States. Lots of complaining but schools with a backbone have stuck by it. Zinn was an important corrective to a lot of uncritical history books. I admire him. But he’s not the last word, either. His analysis of several issues is one-sided, to be kind. I understand. He had an agenda, and it was an important one that I support. But he’s a starting point, not a destination. Being that this is the internet, where it’s nigh impossible to read tone accurately…that was a serious question. It almost sounds like an “Oh, you got any better ideas, genius?” kind of thing, but no. I work at a high school and want recommendations for kids who actually want to learn something beyond “America is awesome”. Joshua Deeney that America is an awesome thing is slipping away… 40% of the population is slipping or already headed for deep poverty, healthcare fighting is shortening life expectancy… we are in 10th place or 20th place in the world’s developed countries or worse depending upon the I’m a pastor don’t look so surprised shirt. Being number one in weapons is a hollow victory.


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