I’m a mixture of spoiled and I’ll get it myself shirt



Joy Kelley, What method of fighting and resisting do you think will change how the Supreme Court decides this case? How exactly are we supposed to deal with the Republicans controlling the I’m a mixture of spoiled and I’ll get it myself shirt? There’s not shit we can do except voting them out of office. You sound naive as fuck. I actually think SCOTUS may decide that protecting the rights of LGBTQ people is important. I fully expect the morally flaccid Alito, Thomas and Kavanaugh to be on the wrong side – as they are in nearly every major decision. But I think Roberts/Gorsuch will probably surprise you. I certainly hope they will. Jared Bears that may be true, but you should still try to make your points appealing to uninformed people or those who may not already agree. Unless you’re really just arguing to make yourself look good. We really need to strip everything down and rebuild it, starting with taking a second look at the fundamental contradiction that our foundational document which espouses freedom for all was written by a bunch of wealthy landowners looking to evade taxes. Far too much is left to tradition or interpretation by nine people for my comfort. I disagree and your oversimplification of founding motivation is decidedly negative. Paraphrasing from a later also celebrated document, the self-evident truths do apply to all in principle. And the point right there is really the bottom line and central to deliberation today. Is the pursuit of happiness (Declaration of Independence) exclusive or is it inclusive? If it is the former rather than the latter, then the court is scandalously imbalanced in favor of the extreme right.


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