I’m a jeep and coffee kind of girl shirt

I’m a jeep and coffee kind of girl shirt



Kevin John Aww honey, I don’t think you get it at all. Why should I pay for your free toilet paper and hand soap that you get in public bathrooms? See how stupid your argument sounds? Putting them in restrooms is a great start. Adding them to SNAP is also great. Crazy I’m a jeep and coffee kind of girl shirt, how about both. Since ya know we need them at home also and they are costly. Remove tax and treat like you do food items in many states that are exempt from tax. Christine Brannon-Miles So aside from not understanding at all that virtue signaling is, you also don’t understand economics. I would love tampons to be free. I could stop buying them and keep the money. That would be great. It sounds like you are mad at me that you have to wear them, but I would remind you that men didn’t make that happen. You DO know that, right? Matthew Kurtz, and the many, many women living in poverty? How do you propose they manage their periods? You, someone who does not have to manage the pain and mess of menstruation, are so quick to jump to claim that people are simply complaining without ever considering their circumstances. No, Matthew, that’s 36 for $8.99. I don’t know where you’re getting your prices from. Because I can tell you, dollar store menstrual products won’t work as well. And some women need higher absorption for heavier flow. I hope someday you end up homeless and in a ditch, dudebro. Christina Karol, it’s a matter of personal responsibility, it is nice when an establishment will provide you with things like toilet paper, napkins, Etc but it is a matter of personal responsibility to ensure that you have something to clean yourself after you defecate. The same applies to menstruation.


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