IG 11 To nurse and protect shirt

IG 11 To nurse and protect shirt



What a boatload. The subject regulations were not written for the protection of patients, but the closing of clinics. And it wouldn’t be the first time this Supreme Court sought to rule beyond the issues that were considered by the lower courts. It makes me so mad that this is even discussed any more… my body, my choice! No matter what a woman believes, she should be able to choose for herself. Amy Creech Vaglica this IG 11 To nurse and protect shirt was founded on freedom, which doesn’t mean they can tell you what their religion might be teaching them and impose it on us. We all should have a choice and don’t expect others to choose our path. Steve Pest I’m with you, Steve. I tolerate Roe vWade but would never have done it when I was having kids. One of my kids was born in 73 and had every right to be born. If I had not wanted a baby I only had a few months of pregnancy to then give up for adoption. I can’t even imagine aborting a baby who was far along or coming down the birth canal at 9 months which is popular these days. It’s not my body but a body in my body. The big problem is that roe vs Wade acknowledged that it’s human and alive but said that’s not enough. If being human and living does not give you a right to life, then your right to live is not a right, but a privilege subject to change. Steve Pest I’m glad you asked..it is illegal to use any part of the body (living or dead) without the person’s permission. Not blood nor organs. Not even to save another person’s life. So, do you want to change this?? Be the first to involuntarily give blood and Bone marrow so the next time someone needs something, and you’re a match… March your happy a$$ down to the nearest government-run center and donate that surplus kidney you don’t need. Slippery slope Steve. Helene Policinski names one of those “popular” people who is having an abortion at 9 months… just because the POS POTUS lies about it, doesn’t make it true.


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