If you want to unfriend me cause I’m not a Trump supporter Biden shirt

If you want to unfriend me cause I’m not a Trump supporter Biden shirt



Joseph Hurst knocks it off by condemning an entire generation. How about getting young people to vote by giving them someone with more progressive ideals and one that will stand up for change when it’s needed? I think everyone would appreciate true representation. I don’t think I was outraged but I do think you need to re-read my response because you misunderstood it. Also, that boomer retort is really juvenile and I would prefer to respect your opinion. It’s dumb that young people actually expect something from the people they vote for? What’s dumb is you calling someone dumb when your way of operating hasn’t improved the If you want to unfriend me cause I’m not a Trump supporter Biden shirt at all. Also, insulting someone isn’t the way to get them to vote how you want them to. What’s wrong with you lily-white liberals? The best way to get young people to vote is to give them platforms and candidates to vote for. Young people don’t turn out to rubberstamp the same old shit. They want the Green New Deal, and being told by the old folks and candidates who already have their own income and healthcare secure that it isn’t feasible is saying nothing less than saying “F you, shut up and vote for what you’re offered. Someday it will be your turn to say no to the next generation”. It doesn’t surprise that someone with a Biden logo says what voters want doesn’t matter. And you just repeated the “fuck you” thing almost verbatim. That’s a self-satisfying, but a stupid way to convince anyone. Guy Ivester – I think more likely that when she did make changes to court them, they never heard about it, because the media was busy aiming its cameras at empty podiums, waiting for Trump to arrive and give them something juicy to swoon about. Young people are generally more tolerant and accepting than even my generation was. I notice that they don’t gawk at interracial relationships. They love having gay friends. And most see immigration as America’s source of productivity and workforce. But at the same time, teachers are also starting to notice young men (and some girls) growing more fond of authoritarian leadership. We’ve heard them talking about how America should only have one party. The confederate flag boys talk about having another war. Republican kids tend to think less of college and just want to work wherever will afford them a big truck.


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