If you can read this you’re in fart range shirt

If you can read this you’re in fart range shirt



I live in the southwest. All of this was Mexico; so how do you have the cajones to tell a Mexican they don’t belong. America is Native People’s land. We are the ones who don’t belong. I ditched Hispanic, I felt the oppression and violation still hanging onto my culture with that label. I accept my mestizaje but embrace my Mexica/native/indigenous self completely over any European ancestry I may have. The term Hispanic is a reminder of all the atrocities committed to the natives/indigenous that were violated and stripped of who they were and what they owned, physically and spiritually, by Europeans. If she takes the medication, it’s an abortion. It terminates an established pregnancy. Some *surgical* procedures likely could’ve been avoided because of the unnecessary delay, but no abortions were avoided. I’m not trying to argue, really, just trying to be clear. The only way we are going to change the If you can read this you’re in fart range shirt is to get involved at the local and state levels. Vote in all the primaries. Donate to the candidates we like at the primary level. Otherwise, nothing is going to change. You say that like everyone who is 50 didn’t think those thoughts 30 years ago. If we are around 30 years from now (and live in a democracy) we will hear the same words from young voters then. What I think older people acknowledge is that the ideal candidate we really want never does show up. So we vote for the best compromise we can. if we wait for the candidate we want we will never vote at all. It was a low primary turnout that started that social media myth that they “can’t be bothered” or whatever. The polling was inarguable that the widest majority by far wanted too but were either working too much or living in another state for school and couldn’t. Many tried to mail in but weren’t allowed as per primary processes. But one cursory look at 2018 and the numbers are big. Edit: “big” is an overstatement but highly encouraging is accurate. Almost 80% increase from the last primary


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