If she is your girlfriend why is she playing with my mullet shirt



Marilyn Commins ok what’s the If she is your girlfriend why is she playing with my mullet shirt then? If homeless people are going to stay that way and be a burden on society, what are you going to do, push them around from city to city? throw them in a field and hope they all die together? Amie Kantaratanakul how many homeless do you house? Every night or just on weekends? So u have an application process for the homeless to fill out before you let them stay on your property? Do you provide meals too? Amie Kantaratanakul unless mentally ill, homelessness is a choice. There’s always a way to not be homeless. Getting sober is the choice in most of these cases. They choose drugs and booze over a safe lifestyle. Addiction is powerful, but everyone is still accountable for their choice to live addicted or recover. Amie Kantaratanakul you are a perfect socialist. The homeowners paid out of pocket. They also vote the politicians in that made them pay out of pocket. The irony is delicious. How about this…instead of making California a sanctuary state and instead of California paying everything possible for nonproducers they reverse everything to date that caused this issue to begin with. Amie Kantaratanakul so, you live on the streets in San Fran and post to Facebook from a brand new iPhone? From Asia, I’ve lived in shelters, and the majority always had an addiction and/or mental health issues. I see you graduated at 14, joined Hooters, and are now a PCA. Is your profile even real? I mean, you come from Asia, are well maintained, and you’re telling us you were homeless?


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