If lost please return me to dee shirt

If lost please return me to dee shirt



Jeffery Stoesser Wow, quit telling such hateful lies. Why would you wave your hateful racist and misogynistic bigot flag on the page of civil liberties supporters? You didn’t even read the article, did you? Why tell lies about something you didn’t even read? Why does rent continue to rise? My friend has been renting in the same place for 12 years. But, people who just move in pay less than her, and never stay. Heres the opposite side. Landlords hate evictions. They are expensive. We want tenants to stay as long as possible because tenant turns are the highest cost of running a rental business. And most landlords are mom and pop operations that have mortgages and bad tenants can out them out of business fast. The only way to minimize this risk is proper screening. Most of the time an eviction is a deal-breaker. Because most of the time evictions are because of nonpayment of rent. Otherwise known as theft. Next thing you will say we can’t run credit checks or criminal checks and basically have to let anybody who wants to live in our properties. I am slowly selling my rentals as more and more of these kinds of impediments come up. This will reduce housing stock in tight markets and make the problems worse. Anish Tolia Or, you could just read the article. This post isn’t really about evictions based on just nonpayment, it’s about racism, unlawful convictions, and no-fault evictions. Did you even read it? Seems not. Kathryn Johanknecht most evictions are due to non-payment. A very large majority in fact. How do we know? 60% of the population is white and they make up the If lost please return me to dee shirt of renters. They are evicted too, is it discrimination then?


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