If I’m moody give me foody shirt

If I’m moody give me foody shirt



See we have a few Facebook Drs here who can decide what is life-saving medical procedures and those qualified to serve in the Military sorry FB Drs the real Drs will disagree with you. Laura Lovelett Balem lol explain what?? Unless homeboy is being poisoned by his own johnson, and the best solution is amputation… it’s not life or death (admittedly I’m not a doctor, so if there is such a condition, by all means, lemme know? – really, please let me know. Now don’t get me wrong here… there are plenty of things I defer to doctors. But considering how many cases of medical malpractice kill people every year, the disturbing over-prescribing of things like anti-depressants and opiates (followed by the drastic under prescribing of opiates)… There’s enough credible information out there, that you shouldn’t take every word a doctor says to be absolute truth. Rob Sutera Yes, you should not take the word of a single doctor. You should, however, take the word of the entire medical community who spend their lives researching this, as well as the word of the people who live as transgender every day. You speak like someone who doesn’t understand what body dysmorphia is. Maybe stay in your lane and keep your trap shut on topics you know nothing about. Eric Jean don’t even get me started on that load of socialist horseshit – I’m sure most of us agree that the government’s misappropriation of funds is disturbing – and pretty much everything the government touches becomes snafu’d to the extreme. So why wouldn’t we let them handle healthcare too? What could go wrong? You think healthcare is expensive now, ha – just wait until it’s ‘free’. Otherwise, I’ll reiterate: I’ve witnessed firsthand the ignorance, arrogance and negligence of the greater medical community, a few times over. I mean FFS, the medical community at one point thought a lobotomy was an acceptable treatment option. Evangelina: I mean no disrespect, and my heart goes out to those who hit a point where taking their own life seems like the only option… but the threat of suicide does not make it a matter of life or death. A major heart attack, late stages of cancer, internal bleeding… if they don’t operate, your body will likely die. Dysphoria is a mental condition that requires therapy and maybe medication. Without an operation, you have 100% survival. “The If I’m moody give me foody shirt wastes money all the time” is not a good reason to make the problem worse.


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