If I die tell Bernie Sanders I love him shirt

If I die tell Bernie Sanders I love him shirt



Imagine, being born into a different family, with a different culture, different names. Life is normal, you’re trying hard to make things better, to have friends and be a person. It cannot be so hard to put yourself in someone else’s place? To imagine you could be them if you had their experiences? We are all people on this planet. I wish we could accept our differences and coexist. I wish politics didn’t add fuel to the fire of racism. Kathy J Casey, I’ve traveled to Muslim majority countries. I have Muslim western and middle eastern friends. I think people would be shocked that they aren’t all like the bloody Taliban. No, none of us are shocked that they are just normal people who believe something or another and are just families trying to get by. It’s usually the extremists who don’t frequent the ACLU page who ya gotta worry about. Joell Nylund, I’ve been trying since about 14 years ago. It’s willful ignorance at this point. As an aside, White Supremacists have been labeled domestic terrorists by Homeland Security! Juniper Lynn, when my family and I went to Turkey, I was shocked! Chivalry is not dead there. Men would jump up on a bus to give me a seat. Men would carry my packages off the If I die tell Bernie Sanders I love him shirt. I would be served first. A young man working at a ‘tourist’ restaurant tried to get my attention and touched my arm (the only time I was touched) locals went off on the kid.


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