I’d tap that shirt

I’d tap that shirt



For context, I sit squarely in the independent category and have no interest in politically biased positions from either side of the aisle. All politicians are in fact human and both sides making plenty of mistakes (the lesser of which can be overlooked as human error). I do think Trump is the worst president of my lifetime, but I don’t believe him to be pure evil, merely egotistical, misguided, and poorly educated. I think he honestly does believe he is doing the right thing in most cases, just doesn’t understand the bigger picture, and rarely listens to his advisors. But this is a case where he did something fairly obvious. Only he knows what his true motives are (the rest of us merely speculate) but what I’m always more interested in the real-world impacts of a measure than it’s ideological placement. If anything I would blame the need for such a measure on the failure of the government to be prepared for this inevitably (short-sightedness), but regardless of how we arrived at the circumstance, we are here and must make the best I’d tap that shirt we can given the circumstances and I think this was a case where there wasn’t a true “right” answer. Neither option was good, but the one Trump selected was probably the least bad. I suspect the cost of wearing an ankle bracelet is paid by the defendant. Tho one could argue it would be cheaper for the county to pay for it rather than hold them in jail, but how would private jails make money then? People are being killed by early prisoner release. You broke the law to be put in that position. Time to pay the consequences for your actions. There is a charge, not a conviction. The law says innocent until proven guilty. Those who can’t afford bail are endangered. Those who can are free until trial and conviction, unless the charge is very serious. So the rich go free and the poor stay in jail awaiting trial.


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