I’d tap that shirt

I’d tap that shirt



Should be violent crimes and property crimes only. People who aren’t a threat to other’s lives or livelihoods should never be locked up. If they have a debt or a lesson to learn, make them repay it or learn it with community service or recovering convict workforce programs that take anybody, as halfway houses use. Got arrested and charged with a crime is generally what results in someone requiring bail. A person doesn’t have to do anything that requires this, and even if they did their life shouldn’t be put at risk like this. No, no that’s not how it works. “Our client was only incarcerated because he could not afford bail.” Pretty sure they were incarcerated before a bail hearing was even held. Perhaps they committed a crime? Baily is not a victim here. It’s unfortunate he contacted COVID, as with anything else he could contract while incarcerated. The fact is the wife did afford the bail money and he was released. Why was his bond $100,000? “Ideas Bailey, who was arrested on April 6 for theft of an ATM, was held on a $100,000 bond because of his criminal history.” I didn’t bother to look up his criminal history, I’ve seen many that prefer a life of crime. It’s sadly becoming more and more common those types of societal menace claim to be victims. “Wykivia Bailey pawned her wedding ring and other belongings to pay his bail.” Think he will fly straight? I bookmarked this so in the many months it will take to get this guy to justice, I can post back on this thread with the sentence. That is if he’s guilty. Maybe he’s just a ‘victim’ with a big criminal past? Paul Manafort never made his $10 million dollar bail. He had an ankle bracelet, surrendered his passport, and was permitted to stay home – because he had a health condition. He committed very serious crimes and was so convicted. Then, despite his facility having NO CASES of COVID-19 or any staff being so much as exposed, he was released to home confinement to serve his sentence, because he has health conditions. I can’t quite hear you shouting about how the court I’d tap that shirt treats offenders equally and people shouldn’t commit crimes if they don’t want to go to jail, over your outrage that a rich white man never made bail AND is now at home because he has underlying health conditions.


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