I will not feed the whores drugs Bart Simpson shirt

I will not feed the whores drugs Bart Simpson shirt



Faye Elise “There is no luxury tax on feminine hygiene products!” You are incorrect. There is a luxury tax on tampons in the majority of states. Many of these states that have a sales tax have it written in their tax codes that only items that are “non-essential for life” are exempt from sales tax. Some states do actually call these taxed items “luxuries.” And sadly most of those same states do also tax diapers and toilet paper. Regarding diapers, when I had my first child 30 years ago, I started with cloth diapers. They were not taxed. But disposable diapers were. My state deems them a luxury, just like tampons. I guess the male legislature figures using and washing out rags (the non-luxury version) is all that is needed for essentials of life. Robert See it’s a luxury that you don’t have a rag that you stick down there and clean and instead get to flush or throw away your bodily fluids without hassle. I’ve been in a situation where I couldn’t afford to buy pads and had to use rags torn into strips which I washed to reuse. But that was then and there weren’t assistance programs. It’s sickening that in a country as rich as this one is that people have to grovel for necessities. Seems like a lot of folks here are missing the point. Some women are absolutely denied access to menstrual products. They include incarcerated women, women held in the refugee camps, teens in detention centers. Other women can get ahold of these products when they can afford to buy them. They are ridiculously expensive. But what many of you might want to keep in mind is that this is public sanitation and health I will not feed the whores drugs Bart Simpson shirt. Personally, I don’t want to have to worry about what I might be sitting in public places. One out of every 5 children in the U.S. is growing up below the poverty threshold. Girls as young as 8 or 9 have periods. Hygiene should not be a hardship for children. Not to mention the indignity and humiliation a girl suffers in school when she bleeds through her clothing. Sanitation is a need as basic as nutrition.


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