I was raised right I did wrong on my own 100 shirt

I was raised right I did wrong on my own 100 shirt



Gilbert Cheah my mom age 82 is using an iPhone 7 why because she’s 82 and the phone works, therefore, doesn’t believe she needs a new one. My point being not everyone in the world upgrades every year or two just because you do. I personally have an 8 it works it’s paid off. Dyllan Murphy fine my neighbor has an iPhone 5 he says it’s not broke so why get a new one. Make you feel better. The point I’m making is just because you go out and get a new upgrade every possible chance doesn’t mean the entire world does. Well, explain how my iPhone X went black? I just woke up and I can hear it on but the screen is black. Now I had to buy a new one iPhone 11pro and it’s been 4 days and it can’t get here yet. Joanna Pascal that’s how it should be because they are guarding against malware. Not updating your software puts everyone at risk around the world. If you guys all got hacked you would also complain so they can’t win. The update is to protect against malware. Stacey Toole they do. You just don’t realize it. When they update, apps update and if you don’t update your iOS, the apps on your device will start to act up. That’s just how the game goes. Stacey Toole yeah they do all software automatically updates regardless of what phone it is. All mobile devices automatically update that’s how they protect against malware. Do you have a new vehicle? Every smart device in the world automatically updates from your watch to your car. Trust me it’s a good thing. Dumped Apple products because their charge cables suck and the updates aren’t supported on devices over 1 or 2 years old. A dead product or a device that you can’t load apps on because it’s an older os is worthless. For the price, those are not qualities I am interested in buying.


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