I want gay married couples to be able to protect their marijuana plants with guns shirt



They apply for asylum and are vetted and granted a hearing that is hardly letting everyone in willy-nilly. It is called rule of law and if you were really a liberal you would already know all this. Bradley Kornatowski They “apply” for asylum when they are caught entering illegally which then forces a potentially years-long, expensive housing and legal process. It’s an abuse of the system plain and simple. Bradley Kornatowski then why would they be there? if they are at the US Border two things have happened, first off they flew the danger already, therefore, the US can refuse them, second, they are criminals for being in Mexico without a Visa giving the US the right to refuse them. Whatever Trump is doing on immigration is temporary. It’ll go away with Trump UNLESS the Supreme Court rules that a succeeding President cannot undo the Executive Orders of the previous administration, which is the DACA case against President Trump. If the Court rules that Trump cannot undo DACA then our next President won’t be able to undo what Trump is doing. I am allergic to tree nuts, I went to a banquet where one of the appetizers was made from “vegetarian cheese” which really meant cashew-based cheese-like the product. Nowhere was there I want gay married couples to be able to protect their marijuana plants with guns shirt of cashews, or any nuts. I had a severe allergic reaction. Some people with worse allergic reactions might have died. Accurate food labels are important. Calling cashew paste and flavorings cheese is misleading and dangerous. Jeff De Boo but that’s like literally going to any restaurant. You don’t know what anything is made out of until you have the ingredient list, you don’t know what is prepared in the same kitchen. Just because something says tomato soup doesn’t mean the only ingredient is the tomato. It could use beef broth or chicken broth. I think your argument should be more about accurate ingredient lists and people being aware to ask for them if they have severe allergic reactions. Ana Elias the ting is I did ask, the product had been brought in, all they knew was it was vegetarian cheese. Does that mean nuts? Does it mean soy products? There isn’t a way to know. But if you are required to call it Nut spread or soy spread or something else, product and not allowed to use the term cheese for anything not made my carefully fermenting milk products, then it’s no longer an issue.


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