I tell Dad Jokes periodically shirt

I tell Dad Jokes periodically shirt


These former “officers” should now be in police custody. There are videos and witnesses of them murdering an innocent man. What other evidence is needed? How many times is this officer going to be allowed to get away with this? Imagine being paid by taxpayers & taking an oath to protect & serve and then kill a person who cannot fight back by crushing their brain stem until they stop breathing. One is something a cop should do. The other is something hardened criminals, sociopaths & serial killers do. Why are so many of the latter getting in law enforcement? How can we weed such people out BEFORE they do this? And why can’t we treat cops who murder people like we’d treat other murderers? Now that they are fired. An arrest of all 4 is appropriate then give them a trial then a sentence based on the outcome of the trial. That is more than they gave a man on the street. They became judge and jury then executioner. I remember when folks joked about bringing back public executions, even putting them on TV. I hoped that would never happen, and yet it does. State-sponsored murder in the palm of my hand. The state murders have to stop; it seems the only light bright enough for this darkness is a camera. Gotta love the selective data here. The ACLU loves to leave out additional factors that are present in such arrests. Factors such as were they dealing, how much were they in possession of, where they operate a vehicle at the time, where they confrontational/physical during the arrest, were their kids in the I tell Dad Jokes periodically shirt, where they sell to kids…etc. But, as always, to the ACLU everything boils down to race because you have to keep chasing that sweet social justice outrage donation. Right.


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