I survived toilet paper apocalypse 2020 with this shirt

I survived toilet paper apocalypse 2020 with this shirt



Most women have an abortion during the first trimester. Waiting longer is more invasive, costlier, more time-consuming and the delays have a physical, mental, and emotional impact on a woman who already knows she does not want to be or cannot continue to be pregnant. Telling a woman she must wait for a time-sensitive procedure without cause or reason is simply an attempt to punish and control her. Elle Justin, true, but it’s legal at any point. Stop wasting the punishment and control crap. All it says is you are not making a real argument. As far as the mental-emotional BS why are you any more important than the person having to wait to do cancer treatment, or organ examines, or in NYC there is a universal DNR order out on paramedics. If no heartbeat, even if it stops while working on the I survived toilet paper apocalypse 2020 with this shirt they are not to try to save them. There is real emotional, mental, and physical trauma with real risks. John young save ignorance. Pregnancy is caused 100% by eggs. And no the only abortions after 20 weeks are not died etc. Legal at any time for any reason, or none. Nothing you said has anything to do with my post, but besides being a diversion its also total crap. Going to debate, at least know some actual facts. Steve Pest yes there are risks and trauma in all that you mentioned but abortion is a procedure that affects women only and it’s the only surgical procedure that is widely and publicly condemned. Please show me where I indicated abortion was more important than the other procedures you mentioned. Talk about emotional BS. And abortion is not legal at any point in every state. You’re sorely mistaken if you think that’s the case. Elle Justin disingenuous of you. Trying to mislead by the little every state sneak in. Lol and yes you are saying that abortion is more important with your argument about delays. You are trying to use the argument the open borders folks use. No border security is not open borders because we did not say it explicitly.


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