I survived toilet paper apocalypse 2020 shirt

I survived toilet paper apocalypse 2020 shirt



It’s no surprise because trump treats them like animals in cages, he hopes that they die, he has no use for immigrants even tho his ho is one like his parents and grandparents! Kerry Parnell lol your not very bright are you. Infected people in prison will spread it to guards which will then take it home and kill their parents or grandparents and spread it outwards. Making you as smart as trump. Also, they are not illegal human beings they have rights as well as a jackass. Kerry supports trump, so he is a complete idiot, uncaring Wasichu racist who puts people in categories of who’s life is more valuable. I really hope that this blows him out of the water, come on Coronavirus there are disgusting true parrots that need to be taken out! PRONTO. How does that feel to be placed where you place those people, oh yeah you have no feelings or humanity! Those people should not be locked up in the first place but now what? It’s like those cruise ships – if people have been exposed you can’t just send the “home” or out in the street. This is going to make this already bad disaster much much worse. I’m beginning to think there really is a God, and he might have sent this virus for mankind: the reTHUGs think it’s a Dem hoax, so they’ll get it and die. the evangelicals think they’re immune, so they’ll get it and die. and now, our prisoner families have it so BP will be forced to let them go, or they’ll start getting it, and die. The planet heaves a big sigh of relief, and mankind/wildlife gets a reprieve and an extension on Planet Earth!! Dems just have to lay low for a while. We can do that, we’re multi-dimensional and literate. Yeah, and they can be isolated and treated and monitored like all the other felons with unresolved cases. Or hey taxpayer-funded immediate trip back to the I survived toilet paper apocalypse 2020 shirt of origin. No mass releases otherwise!


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