I survived the turkish invasion of kentucky shirt



Welp, someone has no understanding of the complexities of globalism. The United Kingdom is the United State’s 4th biggest trading partner. What’s bad for them is bad for us. And regardless of this fact, why would you want to have such a small world view as to ignore what happens in the other 96% of the world? Tony Teran, You can look back but the UK is stronger in then out. You’re not a citizen. You wouldn’t be calling the UK that country. As a citizen, I will tell you I have an investment in what is decided. Many who voted for it have second thoughts after they have seen the UK weaken. Let’s be real. People who stand against Brexit are the same ones who think sovereignty, nationalism, and unilateralism are all horrible concepts. So, of COURSE, they’ll throw up every roadblock, engage in any scare tactic, to keep Brexit from becoming a reality. God bless this family during this difficult time, I hope they get past this and lay this woman’s body to rest.  Death and money bring out the I survived the turkish invasion of kentucky shirt in family’s, and its none of our business how they deal with it. Because she wasn’t married, her mother & father are her next of kin. It’s a pity the father made the decision to prolong this terrible situation in order to gain recognition for himself. He’s seeking to gain something because of the death of his child. If I was the so-called father as led to believe and after I claimed to be. The money wouldn’t be of interest, but the right to attend and pay final respect to a loved one regardless of past attitudes and tribulations respectfully. Miriam Dugger the father has always stated he was paying for his daughter’s funeral and was unaware of and did not authorize the establishment of a GoFundMe acct. Let’s not demonize the father or diminish his role/rights. I watched the family press conference, this man was not part of her life. Her aunt said that if he wanted to be included he needed to speak with the family. This man is just trying to get attention. We must be careful not to conjure up assumptions, inject personal experiences onto others, surmise, or presume. We are not front and center hearing and/participating in discussions, witnessing decision-making, etc. This is her family business! Marquis Jefferson, who sought the restraining order so he could be included in the arrangements, is planning his daughter’s funeral for Thursday instead, Bruce Carter, a spokesman for the family, told reporters Friday night. Despite the legal action, Carter said Jefferson has a good relationship with his daughter’s mother and siblings, who use the last name, Carr. He had the right as her father! He did what he did and that is the end! If you contributed to gofundme ask for your money back if you are not happy with this family matter! Vanessa Black, the family shouldn’t be holding press conferences with Lee Merritt and disputing that he’s the biological father and hasn’t seen the deceased lady in years, this is sad and messed up, I hope she can rest in peace, this has turned into a circus. My worst nightmare. I don’t ever want my family to fight over my burial. Let this young lady Rest In Peace. Bury her earthly body and channel that energy you are using to fight each other to fight for justice in this case! If there was one thing I learned from the TV show Six Feet Under is you can file paperwork for how you want your burial or funeral to be. As simple as you want or extravagant and your family can’t change it.


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