I survived the coming of Gozer New York city 1984 shirt



Abortions are a necessary medical procedure. It isn’t going away. Some 20 states protect the right to terminate a pregnancy even if Roe is overturned. All you are doing is making it harder for poor women to end an unintended pregnancy. Jeanette Bill-Cole The leaders of the ‘pro-life’ movement teach the faithful misinformation. They don’t hesitate to lie because they want to keep their power and money. The Catholic I survived the coming of Gozer New York city 1984 shirt has been trying to control women for centuries and this is just more of the same. Tanya is sadly a victim of religious abuse, just like the little boys molested by priests. I am opposed to forced pregnancies as I believe it is clearly a form of slavery… It is up to a woman whether she wants to continue with an unintended pregnancy, no one else has a right to interfere. In practice, I think abortion is best avoided and I prefer birth control methods as far more practical. I also worry there may be a pain for the fetus, which is why I believe the earlier the better. We need access to birth control everywhere and the morning after pill. Laura Colon and when the Republicans block sex education, access to birth control etc it’s not about the child, it’s about controlling women. A long time ago my neighbor was on birth control because she and her husband wanted to wait and she got pregnant. It happens. Michael McMaster, it’s a man’s fault for abortions. Mandatory vasectomies for all men and problem solved. Stop blaming women when most abortions are because of the men up and leave.


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