I sew a piece of my heart into every mask I make shirt

I sew a piece of my heart into every mask I make shirt



What kind of response is that? Anyone can die from COVID-19, ANYONE – even you! You are heartless. Do you realize there are innocent people incarcerated? Do you realize that there are people in jails who have not yet had their trials but cannot afford bail so have not been declared guilty? You need therapy. Get it fast! I am done communicating with you! Sandra with all due respect, who do you think works in prisons? It’s not even just inmates, there are healthcare workers, COs, janitorial staff, etc. if they let some exit they could reduce the level of personnel in these facilities too, what you’re arguing for simply doesn’t make sense, your passion for a robust criminal justice system and harsh penalties for convicts aside, there’s a lot of people being harmed by this besides the group that you think “deserves it” too. No one in this country has to “be proven innocent.” Instead, they are supposed to be proven guilty. And many people in jail haven’t faced court for their charges, or can’t make bail. We’re taking your premise of not releasing anyone from prison during a global health pandemic and drawing the next logical consequences of the idea you’ve presented. If hearing the I sew a piece of my heart into every mask I make shirt of the principle you stated feel harmful and it doesn’t feel good to have those notions associated with your worldview, wouldn’t you at least somewhat consider your initial proposition? Straw man argument, Sandra– no one claimed it’s “our fault.” We are saying that people have a right not to risk their lives in an overcrowded jail during a pandemic, especially if they’re charged with minor offenses. And keeping them there actually endangers communities, healthcare workers, and law enforcement personnel. You just want attention and it’s boring. You just said some inflammatory comment, then no matter what anyone says you dance around it or find some small way to derail the conversation, and it’s just very stale. I mean this is just what Trump does nonstop, and I think his supporters in this country are under the impression that this tactic infuriates rational people, but it doesn’t, it was annoying at first, but after dealing with it for years I just pity you guys. If I repped for someone as hard as you guys have, wearing his name on my clothes, refusing to even acknowledge he’s made a mistake, distanced myself from friends, family, and coworkers to such a large extent and double-downed on a man as immoral as trump for 3+ years and all I had was the ability to post trolly comments and get a kick out of it, I’d just say that’s a terrible ROI, and I pity you.


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