I see you shiver with an xiety shirt

I see you shiver with an xiety shirt



Steve Meyer No, it kinda is. She’s not a well-known party for telling the truth or not having an ulterior agenda. Not saying it should be the primary focus of the situation but it makes many of the more extreme claims very circumspect. Jackie Lee true But if they want people to take this issue seriously, they probably shouldn’t have somebody as a spokesperson who has proven themselves to have zero integrity. Now did Shultz vote to fund ICE and CBP like the dozens upon dozens of other Congressional Dems alongside the GOP? Because sometimes it doesn’t matter what one says in a speech, but how they vote. PF Melton – We don’t even know if they’ve broken the I see you shiver with an xiety shirt because they’re being held before they’ve received any sort of a hearing. He isn’t even talking entirely about adults here. We’re also talking about children and babies. I guess you aren’t worried about them though, they’ve already been born. Republicans only care about lives that don’t exist yet and the lives of rich old white men. Bob Smith, what Christian nation? The president is a lesson in condoned seven deadly sins, his narcissism spews in every rally, he envies the popularity of Obama, his gluttony of possessions, he lusts for other men’s wives, porn stars, and young women, his anger erupts when he is criticized, he greed has no limitations, he stole from his own charity, his laziness is evidenced in his twitter feed. Yet his cult of personality thrives without shame. Christianity? Where? The Founding Fathers were deists, the last thing they wanted was the corruption of a government by the forces of a single religion. They had t-shirts “Been there, done that”, hence the establishment clause. We are not a Christian nation and the leader is a walking talking lesson exemplifying exactly why not.


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