I run better than the government shirt

I run better than the government shirt


Masks and social distancing help. The I run better than the government shirt the economy had to be shut down wasn’t that those didn’t work, but because we didn’t have the testing capacity in place to track where the disease was, and it would have run rampant. Testing is the solution to lockdown, not just masks, and staying 6 feet away from people. Look outside your conservative media bubble once in a while. The virus doesn’t have wings. It doesn’t fly through the air on its own. It is carried in water droplets that people cough, sneeze, laugh, sing, or simply breathe out. The more forcefully an infected person projects air out, and the longer the exposure, the greater the chance of transmission. That’s why choir and chorus practices were such hotspots: get 50 unmasked people belting out songs in an enclosed space for a few hours and you’re going to see a lot of infections. Wearing a mask offers an uninfected person considerable protection. The infected person wearing a mask offers much more protection. If both wear masks, the rate of transmission drops precipitously. Why do you think doctors and nurses wear masks during surgery? Just because it looks cool? If I’m tested and I’m negative than surgical masks do nothing for me as those protect others from the one wearing them. N95 masks are the only ones that protect you from others, the problem with N95 is that wearing long term causes the wearer problems because of rebreathing CO2. They aren’t ineffective! Maybe that’s why. This stuff is spear through “spittle” for lack of a better word – the liquid that comes flying out of your mouth when you speak or sneeze or cough. Under normal circumstances – a closed room, that can spread up to 6 feet. Heard that number before? With crowded conditions, windows open, out in the backyard – circumstances are different. Normal cloth masks can prevent that “spittle” from another person from reaching your face, mouth, nose, etc. Your “spittle” is also stopped by the mask from entering the airspace to contaminate someone else. That is the ballgame


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