I roll blunts bigger than your dick shirt

I roll blunts bigger than your dick shirt



This is one issue I absolutely disagree with. those people were sentenced by an appointed or elected judge for committing a crime the judge determined by the law of that state that there were in carceral penalties and financial penalties and until both of those penalties are satisfied the I roll blunts bigger than your dick shirt is incomplete with means no legally and legitimately they are not back to full status as a citizen yet! and yes I’ve done time and I paid off all my fines fees and restitution WHILE incarcerated so fuck off! Brendan voting takes a couple of hours one day a year at most. How much work at becoming “un-poor” were you doing in those couple of hours? Seriously dude, that is hands down the stupidest reason not to fight for voting rights I’ve ever heard. Those fees can be into the tens of thousands. That’s a tough pill to swallow for someone re-entering society, probably working a minimum wage job. Now they can vote for politicians that won’t ignore the inequalities in the criminal justice system. This is basically an endorsement of a poll tax. In many cases their problems are rooted in systematic oppression and the only way to fix that problem is representation. Brendan Gillis well isn’t your white-nose up in the air!! You do know how many people are unemployed for months right now? Regardless of even this, there are poor people in our country who cannot always make ends meet! They are called citizens. If it’s a public health law that is existing and he is utilizing it, more power to him. Maybe condemn the ones that wrote, presented, and passed the law instead. Those same health experts probably made recommendations for the law at some point in the past. Ridiculous! As he’s insisting to open USA houses of worship and schools! And sending infected asylum seekers out to Guatemala. So it’s not a threat, except for poor, brown people.



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