I practice stitch craft shirt

I practice stitch craft shirt



So fucking sick of this bullshit. It’s time to ban viagra. Fight to castrate rapists and child molesters. Maybe if we start fighting for castration, we can get the point across. Get out of my vagina! I cannot understand why abortion is on any ballot. Shit hole countries do not have abortion on the ballot. WTF. I thought America was a progressive country. I was so wrong. There are way more pressing issues that should be on the ballot. Like healthcare for all. The better education system for all. All children should be given a meal. What happened to those things? The US is run by pro-birth hypocrites. They don’t give a shit what happens to a kid after it’s born, as long as it’s born. But at the same time, this same Republican Party is in court right now trying to rob healthcare from 200 million people to make sure that women have no access to prenatal care. There are 2 people involved in every pregnancy. If women can’t get abortions, the man must support the mother and child until the child is 18. Unwanted pregnancy results in too many single mothers who can’t work because there is no childcare, have not finished their educations and may become homeless. The same people who are pushing these I practice stitch craft shirt are the people who refuse to pay for childcare and who say that homeless people are lazy. Pro-choice is a must. No government should make these kinds of decisions for other people. No one has that right. No one has the right to dictate to another what medical decisions they will make for themselves. Shame on the freaks who continually try to push their beliefs onto others. They don’t support freedom of religion, they support their own narrow view and are willing to do anything to stop you from exercising your own rights. The only thing that will cut down abortions substantially is reproductive education to the youth and uninformed, free birth control access, and healthcare options. You will NEVER stop abortions until people are educated. No oppressive bunch of nuts, or some narrow-minded conman can make that happen. No, they claim to be the protectors of civil liberties. If you try to disenfranchise voters, they will protect their rights (and thereby democracy). If you try to vote away someone’s rights, they will protect those rights. They have never claimed to side with democracy in every cause whatsoever.


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