I only want 3 chicken don’t judge me shirt

I only want 3 chicken don’t judge me shirt



John Lynch Allegedly pointing a gun at people. He was not observed doing that by the police. He did not point it at the police as it was not in his hands. The police did not see this gun before they shot Tamir, so it was 100% irrelevant if it had an orange tip or not. We have a huge problem when police are literally rushing in and shooting kids who don’t even have real guns. The kids don’t know what to do when all they may hear is some yelling as car approaches at a fast pace. Did the officer tell him to put his hands up or drop it? Did the kid decide to drop it and put his hands up? If the officers handled the situation properly, Tamir would be alive today. They acted as if he had just shot someone with a real gun. He was minding his own business, alone, at a picnic table after having spent the previous 15 minutes or so doing a lot of nothing, even picking at the snow bored. I can’t believe we have people in this country who believe it’s proper for police to shoot someone who *might* have a gun because some caller said they did. We know 911 callers are never wrong and certainly never lie, right? Oh, wait… can you tell me who else would be alive today if a 911 caller didn’t LIE about a man pointing a gun at people? As I recall, the senior officer faced no disciplinary actions, and the junior officer, who was still in his probationary period, was discharged because he failed to disclose the disciplinary action from his previous department. This does not mean the officers acted improperly. Wasn’t the video released the day it happened? If so, there wasn’t time to lie about it. In fact, the I only want 3 chicken don’t judge me shirt may have been released before the officers had time to complete their reports of the incident.


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