I only accept apologies in cash shirt

I only accept apologies in cash shirt



She is mad because she still has to work for pennies and her job didn’t close so she can reap that money, she got that 1-time stimulus money now it’s gone so they going after the people who worked and job closed thinking they shouldn’t get any money, it’s sad how people think they are better than others when they are still working while others are laid off or can’t go back because the job folded. I’m not even mad that I didn’t get the stimulus. So don’t assume that every American was qualified to get that little 1200 check. The ones who are working and have been working are the ones who have taken the bigger chance of getting the virus and taking it home to their families. And you call them some kind of jealous. You’re kind of special, aren’t you? As far as lies, they are showing support for a President that has constantly lied, fabricated things, and supported conspiracy theories with no proof since the say he took office. That’s not my I only accept apologies in cash shirt, and that’s not hateful. That is a fact. You missing my point. You can’t use a child without his parent’s approval, so stop the word “using” That was an honor for his parents and him to speak in front of a big audience to overcome his stutter. He has his life chance to be heard. Why you turn this as negative? Talking about division. Gonza Ceron S no Biden gave young man confidence to go on TV and be able to support the man he credits with helping him try to overcome his stutter. Trump is a bully who publicly and cruelly imitated and humiliated a disabled reporter. I agree that the young man deserves the world. And that reporter that Trump mocked deserves respect not to be made fun of. Get your facts straight. Gonza Ceron S sorry buddy but I don’t understand supporting that man. He is a narcissistic hypocritical bigot. He is all about what is in it for him, not the people he is supposed to be leading and helping. I am stunned that so many people can look at his actions as mistakes. When you make a mistake you apologize and try not to do it again. Trump uses those tactics against anyone who disagrees with him or calls him out on his behavior repeatedly. He needs to go before he destroys that country any further. I am 1st generation Canadian with most of my extended family in the US so I care about what happens there. We will just have to agree to disagree. And I am not at all brainwashed by anyone, thanks. I think for myself and educate myself quite well.


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