I never argue I explain shirt

I never argue I explain shirt



Brittney Goss – how is it sexist to want a woman to keep her job when she has a temporary medical condition that only somewhat limits her ability to work? Men get accommodations all the time for short-term medical issues. It is no different. Trevor Selleck no one is clapping but you. And I may be an asshole, I won’t debate that. But I have compassion. Which you obviously don’t. And I expect the richest nation in the world to have the same compassionate laws that every other first world country in the world has. Considering that pregnant women are ensuring the survival of the human race, and of our economy through population/GDP growth, I think we can limit business owners’ property rights slightly, the same as you do with any necessary tax when it is more beneficial to society than the property right. Brittney Goss Did you not hear when she said there were dispatcher jobs available that she could do? Not job, jobs, plural. No one would have kicked to the curb. She could have filled an available job, that met the restrictions her doctor gave her. Rural/Metro instead sent her home and made her take unpaid leave. They had the opportunity to accommodate her medical restrictions, they simply chose not to. For a company in the healthcare industry, that is repulsive. What kind of response are they looking for? If the dog smelled bad it’s got to go period. Sorry, the guy is disabled, but it’s a restaurant. Trying to make a big deal out of nothing. Use the drive-thru. No more problems. Steve Kickhaver read the I never argue I explain shirt. The man said the dog gets a bath once a week. When it comes to a service dog it doesn’t matter about what other people want, he needs her for safety reasons


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